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By putting a portable restroom in the proper location, you can make a 600% return on your restroom investment.


•  Make your workers happier and more productive.

•  Work sites are seen by company officials, inspectors, customers and the general public.

•  A work site with adequate worker sanitation facilities will enhance your company's image.

•  Savings in workers' break time.

•  Reducing the distance workers must travel to use a facility.

•  Consider the time workers must spend searching for an alternative sanitary or "unsanitary" facility

    because no close facility has been provided.

•  Greater comfort for workers on the job.

•  Adequate number of units provide for cleaner facilities because of less use per unit.

•  For every $1.00 spent to provide restroom facilities for workers' use, the contractor can earn

   $4.00 return.

•  On four types of construction sites studied, the net return per dollar invested in additional

   restrooms ranged from 480% to 740%.

•  Washed and sanitized weekly or more often as the site requires.


*Sanitarian & Health Official Guide, University of Missouri - St. Louis


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